FILM | Not another happy ending – trailer

Meet Jane Lockhart, Best Selling Author. Chapter 37…She can’t write…Sometimes Love needs a rewrite….

Given that if you love Keria Knightley’s “Jane Austen -Pride and Prejudice” or Anne Hathaway’s ” Becoming Jane” then you might like this story of where Karen Gillian whom recently is Amy Pond-Doctor Who , the Doctors caring mother in Law.  In this Karen plays a successfully intriguing writer, Jane Lockhart whom is writing for a publisher whom is trying to make it there in the end… and she has a constant habit of baking due to a writer’s Block and she’s happy… in this romantic comedy.. Situated in the city of Glasgow… In Scotland..

I like how the trailer works to get her in writing again in various matters of ways… Like trying to get her sad, angry, depress in the process in order her to antagonise Jane back into writing again and getting past chapter thirty seven…  In the process she falls in love with her publisher whom played by Stanley Weber as to he falls discovering he is love with her…  Also can’t wait when it comes out in the theatres or in iTunes…

Not another Happy ending is directed by John McKay, also it’s funded by indiegogo, and  also featuring in the romantic comedy is also the supporting cast.. : Henry Ian Cusick, Iain de Caestecker, Freya Mavor, Amy Manson, Kate Dickie, and Gary Lewis.

Also like to know more about “ Not Another Happy Ending” also it’s socials on Facebooktwitter and further more on IMDB..?

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