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“I’ve been fighting destiny for a long time now, and I’m getting good at it.”- Lightning-Claire Farron

This is an inside look of Square Enix’s director’s cut on the team hard at work creating on developing Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning Returns.. Also a never done before on creating a trilogy for the thirteen series… the behind the scene is narrated than none the voice behind Lightning- Claire Farron, Ali Hills.

This thirty minutes directors cut explores the developmental process from character, environmental inspirational design, music, also a more an evolve gameplay than from the last two as it’s Claire Farron- Lightning’s story in her return also her friends but the most important thing to her is her sister Serah Farron…

During the process they explain how Lightning has evolved to having an extreme more powerful skillsets than from the last two… As shown in different outfits with given different accustomed abilities… also the score, and the inspirational environment of the three Islands inter-connected between the island worlds of Nova Crystallis…

Like to know more… About Lightning returns | Final Fantasy XIII series…?

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