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Given that you have the Doctor who 50th anniversary collectors watch from the BBC store… In which has timeless classic round bezel with a Gallifreyan white inscriptions edgings among with the tardis blue background.. Then this very fashionably square bezel tardis watch classically accommodate to your wardrobe…

The tardis watch itself is a classic with easy read white face which makes it easy to read at night with its glow in the dark twelfth hourly intervals patons … the tardis Faux-Leather blue strap seeming to be very durable due to is thickness of strap makes it great for every day wear as it’s easy to put in on.. Also just in case your smart phone ran out of batteries and not telling the time for you…  as this makes a secondary time piece to refer too… Orthough it’s maybe a type forty tardis really very stuck in with a chameleon circuit malfunction in form of a watch…

Like to know more about the … Designer Tardis watch from

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