Star Trek | Renegades

Looking at a newly release of the Star Trek renegades teaser trailer…  Remind me of how darker the Star Trek prime universe has become in relation to Star Trek online, like mostly every episode Sherlocked are in mysteriously darker with intrigue……..  Here we have some whom is in very captive, seeming very human, she writes on the wall “…..  I am the captain the of my soul…” as she chalky writes.. She is reminding herself to survive, to be a survivor every so constantly… in the course of the teaser trailer she is the daughter of the infamous leader whom ruled Earth, she is the daughter of Khan Noonien Singh.  Who chased Captain James T. Kirk in the Mutara Nebula (Wrath of Khan) she is his daughter Captain Lexxa Singh, played by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess)

Exploring the teaser, we see the premise flag of the United Federation of Planets upturn, there’s something wrong, not very right in the Federation and the Delta Quadrant.   In that  there’s something not quite right, something has Admiral Chekov pointed out a curious misinformation of a planet’s location also the Dilithuim crystals main supply trader have gone missing , turning out that someone, some entity is manipulating the affairs of the federation.. In which is akin premise to the master intrigue of BBC Spooks series…  With it has its Head counter of Harry Pearce akiness is Section 31 Head, Commander Turvok (Tim Russ) as you know from USS Voyager and USS Excelsior days….  To form a operative team to investigate with the conclusion of working outside Starfleet’s, and Federation parameters…

There’s one great to see how the characters from multiple series from the prime Star trek Universe have evolved, how they’ve grown after their tour of duty, also this is one series I like to see continually… and given this a funded Kickstarter  and indiegogo should be interesting to see the innovativeness production like how Veronica Mars is done..

Like to know more about Star Trek Renegades….?

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