DOCTOR WHO | Eleven things that we’ll miss about Matt’s Doctor

As the time draws near for the Eleventh Doctor, Matt’s Smith Doctor, in the Christmas Special on Christmas Day Wednesday twenty fifth, in the “ Time of the Doctor” as various force brings an onslaught force to seek and destroy his unsecured  time stream in Trenzalore… Also the introduction of Peter Capadli’s Doctor .. if you’re a guy so you might need tissues for your girlfriend just in case and hugs knowing Matt’s Doctor he’s pretty lovable like’s David’s Doctor…seriously!

Eleven things that we gonna miss him is”

-  Eleven  -        His Hats
-  Ten -            His Glasses
-  Nine-            His Chin
-  Eight -          His graceful clumsiness
-  Seven-           His clumsy Grace
-  Six-             His Driving Skills
-  Four-            His Wife
-  Three -          His in Laws – the adorable Ponds
-  Two -            His culinary innovations
-  One-             The single coolest accessory in all of time and space……

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