DOCTOR WHO | the time of the doctor – a briefly more

We have the doctor in one snowing Victorian like township, where the Doctor and Clara are adventuring. Meanwhile in one location there are amassing forces are drawn to a message that echoes out from  the field of stars..  where amassing forces are setting up a trap for the Doctor and Clara., also in preparing the siege of Trenzalore where the final resting place of the doctor as we see in the “ the Name of the Doctor” where it shown the story of the John Hurt’s War Doctor. in a place where the Doctor’s resting Time-stream is completely unsecured.but is there more…?

Seeming like the amassing forces of Cybermen, interesting the Daleks? The Silences, weeping Angels, and think the mysterious human group in the episode “A good Man goes to war”… are hunting down the Doctor, but the in the eleventh hour, has challenge the amassing the force, but in this we see the departure of Matt’s Smith Doctor, in the process of this one Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor will have the same intro as David’s Doctor from Eccleston’s Doctor where Earth was invaded by the Sycoraxs in the “The Christmas invasion”…  Also interesting to see whom is Clara is getting help from in a Smokey homely ghostly interior “… Help him change the future… Do it..! ”

On that note that also, there’s more as seen on today, 19 December 2013 on BBC America that the Doctor who “time of the Doctor” trailer has been reveal.. there’s more.. looking more that the mysterious human group has meet  the Doctor previously before, in a previous generation the Tardis gets chase into a space combat, evasively..noting that this Type Forty isn’t like Rani’s Tardis which is armed… . Seeming that Trenzalore was a planet that was peaceful quite township planet then later in time it in the conflict in starting a new Time war, in the process Trenzalore got turned into a barren, a graveyard world devastated into the ruins of we see as the in ” The Name of the Doctor”……..


Doctor Who The time of the doctor airs on Christmas Day..2013 in United Kingdom time at 21:30 hours..

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