Season eight | The Voth Fortress… its a big ship..?

Somehow can’t noticing this vessel which featuring on Season eight, on a soon to be featured on a PVE, on a five captains team ( level fifty ), in a roughly timey team depending , known as “ The Breach”. The Voths are known to be and seen in the episode in Star Trek Voyager series, Known as “Distant Origin” in which the Voth, cold blood,  saurian species once reside on Earth then later in the timeline process that they traveled to Delta Quadrant in which that the species faced certain destruction due to the incoming Asteroid,  in which to the  extinction of the Dinosaur species.

Voths Fortress ship- 134.5 Kilometers Long

During season eight, we encounter the Voths, one of many agents of the Iconians. As we seen this case we see a very large one, in awe… in this case, it’s a Voth Fortress. It’s has a frighting size of 134.5 Kilometers long,  in its size it makes a three Kilometers Borg cube as a sugar Cube in a massive Kitchen Casserole pot..   Also it makes your common Starship looks like a work bee on any large ship…

Looking at this ship… is very impenetrable, like in it’s size can over shadow the size of the United Federation of Planets,  Earth Starbases  01, in very much so like the whale incident where it’s the cylinder probe is almost of that size…

There’s been reports of ways of how to combating the Voth Fortress, one of them is to attack focusing on the Integrity Nodes, situating around the ship ‘s hull, also along the way, that focusing on the Fortress Hard points to progressively assaults acceleratedly the damage..

When you apply more force negotiated damage on the Fortress creating a massive hull breach , you be able to, your team could enter inside the breached hull, and start taking down the remaining of the systems down such as the automated Power systems then the next focus will be its reactor core..  in the same situation tactical applied as if it was going on an Infected or cure space elite mission, or where you go on Borg Dailies, in sector space where you take down the regeneration probes and then have another team to take down the Borg unimatrix down…. one of many ways where this how can be cure space elite.

like to know more information on the Voth fortress on defeating it….. ?

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