The Dalek Dress Look…?

How to get this look..?

Scrolling down the Doctor who collection, of Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe. After seeing many of her collections is worn by her during the Nerdist presentations  of Course of the Force Charity for the” Make a Wish foundation”.  Noticing that besides the Tardis dress there was also a red Dalek dress was discovered among her collection.

First to start off with the dress, the Dalek red dress, can be describe as inspired by the Paradigm 2010 red drone Dalek, with the newly acquired look of a much larger bulky design. The dress is classically shaped, timeless cut, also It breaths  comfortable as well due to the Cotton Spandex blend which makes it great for every day wear. The dress can be found here at Her Universe 

The boots or the shoes.

To go on an adventuring  hunt for Cybermen or  Timelords  you got to have tough boot or shoes for rough terrian, There’s two ways for foot where, it’s either shoes or boots, in this case it has to be near to a red contrast colour, in which is the color of the drone dress.

The Jacket

As for the Jacket, going for the simple Lucy Saxon look, ( The Master ) Harold Saxon’s wife. This burgundy downtown urban classic cut 10 Crosby Derek Lam Leather  combo Jacket, which will match shoes, also the boots, plus it as zip pockets to hide only device you need a Master’s laser screwdriver, which is like a single deadly red rose hunting down Daleking, when you find the Doctor or other Timelords during the Time War.

From Saks Fifth Avenue, the Jacket 10 Crosby Derek Lam Leather combo Jacket.

The Dalek watch.

Dalek collectors watch, Pre-ordering, brown leather, with the classic golden sensors array pods, with a digital blue dalek stalk eye user interface dial display, with a matt sheer satin chassis. Release date would be for the 30th December 2013, just in time after the simulcast of Doctor Who Christmas special.  Plus it’ll accessories your Dalek Dress when you go hunting for Timelords.

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