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Auckland was foggy extremely on 22nd July 2013. In the morning from where I was you couldn’t see pass the least than one hundred meters. But when the sun came out in later in the later mornings it became slight clearer, burning of the fog.  Traveling also seeing in between the central part of Auckland, the fog still lingers around in the Manukau Harbour.

July-242-2013-sony 021

“Mission bay beach fogged out, plus don’t go swimming the fog, it’s like don’t blink in front of a weeping angel..”

Almost roughly Teen-ish in the morning mostly Mission bay was fog out in the Waitemata harbour, in which was unsafe to swim out, as you could barely see the Rangitoto Island.” Oh you could see my hiking boots marks imprinted on the wintery sandy beach surface.”

July-242-2013-sony 059

“Devonport, one of Royal New Zealand Navy frigate with following escorts in the tow”

Moving travelling to Takapuna to Devonport you could see the fog lingering around as in makes out a real life horror movie on the go, as seeing the ships disappear into also out to the fog, like if the Black Pearl has drop harbour and still cursed with the valiant crew of Captain Jack Sparrow.  In the distance looking into back on the Auckland Central business District you could see the Naval vessels making its way into the challenge its skills of going and nagvigating into afternoon harbour fog.

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