The Tardis dress look…?

When I was watching the Nerdist channel on you tube, doing there charity work to support the make wish foundation, the  Course of the Force, doing  an awesome massive rallying on spectacular Lightsaber relay from Sky walker ranch to Comic Con Sag Diego also there was some interesting trekkers doing the rallying as well with brilliant cosplays, there was one episode where noticing Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe co-hosting in a Tardis Dress trekking to SD Comic Con 2013 among with cleverly design dress wardrobes that she was wearing throughout the series. .

How to get this look…?

First let’s start of the dress classically simply cut and ready to where during the day where it’s mostly a combination of mixture of cotton spandex, also it’s great to wear due to that cotton is breathable for an everyday wear also very comfortably fitted as-well look, the Tardis outline dress can be found at Her universe…

To go with the adventuring you got to have the boots, also the shoes, there’s two ways of colour, it’s either in the Tardis police ink blue or the black, and your shoes love adventuring, urbanely with Doc Marten’s women boots.

Some boots to sample.

As for cold nights it’s Portmans fashionable blue trench coat jacket with the Captain Jack Harkness  look, with side pockets to hold you Bouquet selection of Sonic screwdrivers to get you from every situation.

Tenth  and the Eleventh Doctors Sonic Screwdriver

Also you can’t miss out the Tardis watch, is timeless sexy beautiful Tardis collectors Doctor who watch to accessories your tardis dress, and the accompanying blue trench coat to adventure, in which you have to pre order thou but it’ll be release on the 30th of December 2013 from the publisher.

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