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Uniquely timeless beautifully crafted sterling silver ring with fluorite – Emma Williams Jewellery.

I went to an awesome meet up on Saturday in a café and lounge bar in high street in Auckland. There was lots conversationally discussions. There was interesting topic that came into the fold; it was the way of how to craft in the manufacturing process of creating beautifully crafted jewellery.

We got talking into the traditionally process either requires of getting the molten metal, in silver, gold, or platinum into a mould, and waiting to set, then later of applying other items with precious gemstones or jewels to the crafted item, then polishing it to give the finishing jewellery.  Other traditional ways is starting from starch of using a small bar simple of sliver and crafting it into a ring,  then later crafting other filigrees  items on to it to create the beautifully made piece.

We digress into an into topic which to exploration utilizes CAD software in with 3D printing creating wearable art, in creating more filigrees items, by 3D printing, the that will create an item that will used  for the process of creating a mould. Where she also explains the processes of traditionally made casting.  Then later to use to create the metal version, with this process you could create brilliantly made metallically finely detail lacy crafted items as seem in some filigree noble Chinese ladies hair wear or other creative jewellery.  Also with this process it can be used to mass produce items. This process could apply assembling small fitted pieces together through traditionally jeweller’s methods to craft into more complex pieces.

Give that thought, the same method of 3D printing could apply given than a sensitive controlled melted sliver gold jet printing device used as the same akin process of special resin and ultra violet light that follow the printer’s jet printing head. This method could by past the moulding casting also the wax mould process, then later all the work is done is to polishing and finishing the beautifully made solid Silver or gold jewellery.

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