June spotted in Auckland’s night life……

night sky-13-06-2013
graphics using stellarium, the night sky over Auckland new Zealand-13 June 2013 about 2000 hours

At the moment over here, its winter, it’s getting colder than the month before. Temperature wise it’s barely making least than fifteen degrees C, over here in Auckland.   Beanies are a fashionably a must to keep you head warm plus to keep your head avoid from getting head chills.

At the moment spotted, Saturn is still in between the constellation Virgo also Libra, in the evening hours of earlier, between 1900 to 22 hours at night, viewability.  The constellation Scorpio rises very early than a few months ago, rising very early in the later 1900 hours in the evening.

Saturn’s rising 1500 in the afternoon then its best seen from eastward in 63 degrees, at 1900 hours.  Luna, the moon recently rises very moderately early in the morning at 1020 hours, more lately in the evening settling at 2120 hours, at the moment for this week a quite haunted crescently shrouded moon, due this months clouded weathering.

One interesting thing this month, is that the southern cross gets higher also akin to the pointers, which points to the southern cross, in which one of many of four methods waypoints to find the southern pole in the night sky, among in which risen higher is the two cluster within or nearby Centaurs constellation is the global cluster Omega centurial also its open cluster the Jewel box its alias is known to be Kappa Crucis nearby the constellation in Crux.   As they rise up overhead, it becomes very hard to view on the telescope due that your viewing is very upwards.

So when you look up, beanie, warm layering clothing, hot chocolate, naming Milo, and a good stead fast telescope,  moderately excellent  camera gear taking those timeless photographs digitally, also a brilliant well robust Laptop in recording those starry timeless moments.

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