Fieldays -Muddy boots…?

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A few weeks ago I went to the Fieldays in Mystery Creek, Hamilton, New Zealand, which is on between the 12rd to 15th of June 2013. It’s an intriguing farming Expo that happens in to be in the middle of the year. When I got the it was cold, first thing the morning, plus it was winter as well, so I head out, from a two to three-ish least drive from Auckland, with much layered clothing, double warm socks, and a very trusty woolly beanie with my reliable chestnut hiking first quarter boots.  As I walked around the surface terrain was muddy, it was only a few days ago it had rained massively, also a haft a teen degrees colder.  Also it’s been a very long while having to visit it again.  Also parking was very interesting, finding your car when exiting at the end of the day can become an explorational experience; it was like finding your car among with hundreds of other cars.

Fashionably terrain wise, it was muddy, throughout most the day, gumboots was the foot wear of choice. As exploring adventuring around,  I ran into a Volkswagen stall, most of the staff were wearing designer gumboots, and noticing some others around the exploration weren’t wearing the traditional ones. But with designer gumboots more than the traditionally made,   have more stronger durable wearable rubber mould and very heavily textured with warmth comfort in mind to the feet, generally there are more in different various degrees in colour.

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As I adventured around the expo grounds, first starting off looking at the tractor derby, in with the driver contestant have to tow another tractor with another load in rear over a certain distance, in which whom could drag to an even more distance than 65 meters more wins. Also among that derby was the Chain saw art, timber chopping men, with Stihl chain saws, sawing out art on a bisected cylindered timber.

Other parts of showgrounds are more dedicated to the cattle industry, monstrous tractors, in processing of gathering bales of hay, and feed redisturtion. As to the Monstrous tractors, John Deere still the Bentley of them all, there was other new comers, such as the Asian also American brands, such as JCB, Kinze.

There more emphasis on the housing and factory made moveable housing to housing installation, also the emphasis on solar powering housing as in rural sense you’ll need to be independent from the grid. In turn in four wheel drive Utes, there were some new comers, like Volkswagen, and a couple of Chinese brands, Sanyoung and the Great Wall versus the Traditional ones like Ford, Toyota and surprising not to see Holden on the scene. . Generally it’s a Ford vs. Holden in the past, now days it Toyota that replaced Holden.

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There was an interesting machine, we met before numerous times, it seem to be stalking me, first time that we met was a the very first worldwide launch event of Battlefield three, in Albany Westfield,  every scene then it’s been Armageddon at the
ASB show grounds, this machine in question is the Alienware orb gaming platform,each time when, it grows weary.

Leaving that day, looking back at the distance, kind off looking back in a  scene of a massive quidditch match with all the sponsored balloons that  hung up mid-air just seeing over the horizon.

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