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JULY-2013 Night sky

graphics used is stellarium | time stamp is 2000 hours New Zealand time with out daylight savings.

This month of July is spotted, in wintery Auckland, New Zealand, she is caught up in a weathered crowd of misty clouds as she entered into a rave of ravers of stars in the night sky. As the weathering favours the rain rather than the glittery clear night sky.

Among the ravers, Saturn arriving earlier, still hanging in between his entourage the constellation Virgo and Libra rises at 1300 hours but best to catch up with him during the 1800 into the evening has he says farewell to Venus as she settles down to catch up with her other friends at 1930 hours following with Sol, the sun.

Among the regular’s raver’s goers of the wintery night sky, are the constellation Scorpio, Sagittarius, and accompany by Ophiuchus below following Saturn’s entourage following in the direction of east to west. Among that nearby group is the Dj’s of Auckland’s night sky, is the Crux the southern cross, pointed out by the Pointers alpha centauri aka Rigel Kent and , and the right of the southern cross is the support crew the Diamond Cross, and the False Cross.

During last of later months is the observation of the Chinese space station orbiting overhead, in that was rare to see, it’s reflective brightness is very much less but could make out the long cylinder structure, instead of the 108 meters width of the international space stations H’ reflective structure, which glows reflectively bright by its dual four solar panels power source.

As to Matariki, Pleiades, Subaru, or known as the seven sisters, the sisters are celebrated by the dawn of the Maori New Year last month of 22th of June in which you could see the sisters at very early morning of 0500 hours looking out into the nearby east in the protection of  the constellation Taurus.

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