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Happy third year anniversary Star trek online! It’s been an awesome interesting  three years in gaming with Star Trek online during the event of the third year anniversary I’ve gain two new tier three and five Ambassador class star ships for doing the Temporal Ambassador mission. The premise takes you in either a mirroring alternative  timeline. The episode, takes you to meet one of the Promenade key characters of The Next Generation series, reprising her role of Lt Tasha Yar, Denise Crosby, becoming the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise C. Taking command after the Captian Racheal Garett was killed during the episode of Yesterday’s Enterprise.  As Star trek online as grown, it has gathered enormous milestones throughtout the years from 2008 and onwards with two million captains, with ten million starships in service, this inforgraphics should provide you the interesting statistics.

Like to know more visit STARTREKONLINE , the story outline of Yesterday Enterprise also Star Trek Online 3-year anniversary trailer -Pcgamer .

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  1. Eric says:

    I think next year or in a future season, they should have a time travelling season to take you back to the 22nd century. Meet Admiral Archer after the NX-01 was decommissioned. As a reward, MACO ground set consisting of two weapons and an EV suit from the show. Kind of to tie up the time between the end of the NX-01 and the Romulan War.

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