Your Star Wars Valentines….

Ever wonder what you could give to your Star war Valentines for this year?  Well you could give her a Bouquet of lighsabers to brighten up her morning from Thinkgeek,


Then your girlfriend and you love tweaking and tuning out ships, you could try out giving her an YT- 1300F light Corellian Freighter, and spend weeks on end on modifying her new ship out while you leave your precious Nissan Skyline GTR to gather dust and you start buying parts for her.

Then later spending a romance picnic lunch enjoying the landscape at Naboo or another beautifully scenic planet of Alderaan, walking down the streets admiring the intricate spender crafted architecture on both worlds.  At the same time give her a cute pet, a R2 Astromech droid so it can do your chores.

After that you could take her out traveling on either a sleek J type, 327 Nubian Royal Starship, or a Diplomatic Barge, or a Star Skiff to Coruscant  and later you love adventuring later at night time stroll on the streets on Coruscant, and if you unexpected trouble finds you two, you could just borrow one of her Lightsaber of many of from her Bouquet this morning that you gave her.

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