DOCTOR WHO | what to give to your Gallifreyan Valentines..? DiddleBug -Charlene Rucker- Doctor who ‘s Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet


As your love one and you run through the fields of Gallifreyan red grass, while you guys just parked your Tardis nearby… Strolling along then with a Picnic with you two’s then treating her in the morning picnic with first timeless beautifully “Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet”

The “DiddleBug( Charlene Rucker from MI)” Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet, made with pages and handmade crafted shaped in to flowers, crafted among with blue ribbons as it accessories the tenth Doctor Sonic screwdriver.. Also you can customized what type coloured flowered pages, aswell the ribbons to… as part of her collection DiddleBug can fashionably into other accessories such as pin, a choker pendant, bracelet, or  a corsage for your date your girlfriend ..  also given its a sonic screwdriver aswell it might be a usefully tool for her to fix or tweak stuff aswell when you’re not around….

AIR NEW ZEALAND | on – love is a Journey

Is the Journey of love always picture perfect.. ?

When I was watching this it remind me in many combinations of Jane Austen novels, In this Air New Zealand interviewed four couples on love and hear watch there in-depth honest answers on a very intimate nature on Love… in this they share on questions on “why do you still love him?” “The Journey is complete with you”… and they provide their answers summingly on the subtitles, that Love is Pretty much universal… like Mathematics, sciences and music …!

When you truly love someone, you’ll see their imperfections….

DOCTOR WHO | your type 40 TARDIS console plaque…..

What to give for your love one after when you two spend time in the construction site on Gallifrey after spending time with her or him in the construction yards growing  your very own retro TARDIS, in the black hole shipyards.. After when it’s full grown into the default blue box… And to celebrate the event hopefully the chameleon circuit still works… you guys place it next to tardis control consoles, and the plaque reads…






The plaque is made from perplex, delicately handcrafted, painted, using the original techniques in the screen version also it is attachable  to any type of surface…  And when it arrives it is placed in a Doctor Who custom box.

Like to know more where you could the TARDIS plague… from the BBC SHOP.. ?

Your Star Trek Valentines….

Ever wonder what you could give to your girlfriend for this year? For a starters just to surprise her in the morning a confectionery box of tricorders, hand held phasers, medical kit to go as well, as a treat a specialised Mark twelve Phaser Rifle with the same grade of customary armoury suit to go with it as morning shopping.

Then later surprise her with a trip to mars utopia Planitia fleet yards, as you see her ship finished out being constructed, if it’s a Galaxy Class retrofit, the two off you could spend endless times together tweaking her ship out, and spending restful times on adventuring on many holonovels on deck eleven, then having picnics on deck 14 watching the cetaceans swimming around in the tank. Then later on you both could stroll down to the main shuttle on deck four and tweak on off the Roundabouts or the Captain’s yacht, then later either a trip to Risa or at San Fransico, Starfleet Academy and visit all the faculties.

Then later could take her ship out for a maiden voyage then to visit some vintage stations like K-7, Jupiter Station first and some others along the way. Then if you both go on a hiking along Yosemite national park, just to find the camping spot where Captain James T. Kirk, Dr McCoy, and Spock sang, and have Marshmallows over a campfire, and if you injured yourself along the way, you girlfriend could treat you from the medical kit that you gave her.

Your Star Wars Valentines….

Ever wonder what you could give to your Star war Valentines for this year?  Well you could give her a Bouquet of lighsabers to brighten up her morning from Thinkgeek,


Then your girlfriend and you love tweaking and tuning out ships, you could try out giving her an YT- 1300F light Corellian Freighter, and spend weeks on end on modifying her new ship out while you leave your precious Nissan Skyline GTR to gather dust and you start buying parts for her.

Then later spending a romance picnic lunch enjoying the landscape at Naboo or another beautifully scenic planet of Alderaan, walking down the streets admiring the intricate spender crafted architecture on both worlds.  At the same time give her a cute pet, a R2 Astromech droid so it can do your chores.

After that you could take her out traveling on either a sleek J type, 327 Nubian Royal Starship, or a Diplomatic Barge, or a Star Skiff to Coruscant  and later you love adventuring later at night time stroll on the streets on Coruscant, and if you unexpected trouble finds you two, you could just borrow one of her Lightsaber of many of from her Bouquet this morning that you gave her.