DOCTOR WHO | what to give to your Gallifreyan Valentines..? DiddleBug -Charlene Rucker- Doctor who ‘s Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet


As your love one and you run through the fields of Gallifreyan red grass, while you guys just parked your Tardis nearby… Strolling along then with a Picnic with you two’s then treating her in the morning picnic with first timeless beautifully “Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet”

The “DiddleBug( Charlene Rucker from MI)” Sonic screwdriver paged flowered Bouquet, made with pages and handmade crafted shaped in to flowers, crafted among with blue ribbons as it accessories the tenth Doctor Sonic screwdriver.. Also you can customized what type coloured flowered pages, aswell the ribbons to… as part of her collection DiddleBug can fashionably into other accessories such as pin, a choker pendant, bracelet, or  a corsage for your date your girlfriend ..  also given its a sonic screwdriver aswell it might be a usefully tool for her to fix or tweak stuff aswell when you’re not around….