LUNA PHOTO’S | of the month- September 2012

starry veiw of the night sky looking towards west, Auckland

During this month the moon, was the predominate feature in the night sky, mostly the other stellar objects seen in Auckland westwards are fallen below  to the horizon, most of the wintery items are slowly making is way for the summery season of the night sky theatre.  The wintery actors in question whom grace us fallen early in the evening viewing of Auckland night sky,  still to be seen are in the range of directions of looking at between south to north west,  there are two distinctive globular clusters, 47 Tuc, also another cluster in the Centauras Constellation  which is has a cluster of least two million stars, and the previous cluster least one million,  both have roughly average distances of sixteen thousand light years, looking back in time, now that’s sixteen thousand times least ten trillion Km to travel ( that one light year of travelling within one year is a equitant  of least ten trillion Kilometres in distance).

Other actors in the night sky is the Jewel box, aka Kappa Crucis which is above the constellation Crux,  also the from it the pointers stars that lead to the Southern cross.  In which is one of the way point objects tools to find south using various methods in finding your compass directions,so you won’t get lost even though you’re in urban surroundings. Helping you to find south first, second north, then swing it to west to east in ninety degrees from north.

Other fallen actors of the night sky is the constellation Scorpio also right next to the tail is the half man half horse Archer Sagittarius is viewing even lower when viewed at 2000 hours at night. Has he bow the tip of the arrow to Scorpio’s heart a Red giant  Antares 603 light years away,  in between the direction of the readiness of the bow, is the centre direction of looking into the centre of the Milky way Galaxy.

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