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This other app that I’ve pick up during this week, is the NASA International Space Station Live, it very quiet straight forward to you used,  as I found this goes in hand with other App I reviewed previously,   Star Walk also Solar Walk.  Both Apps have the real time positioning of the International Space Station.

Developed by NASA to education outreach the public about the ISS- International Space Station, this app shows you the Partners  of the assembly of the ISS. In a coloured three dimensional form, such country partners as Canada (CSA), Europe (ESA) Japan (JAXA)  Russia(RFSA-ROSCOSMOS) , United States (NASA) and other international partners.

One of the other features, shows it real time positioning, around the earth, and the orientation of the main Solar Panels that powers the life station up. One good thing it recives live updates of what it’s doing around the orbit of the Earth. There’s  another interesting part of the App, which gives you a virtual tour of the ISS mission Control Centre and gives you a tour information on what Station console office does.  The time line is one of the most impressive part, gives you a chronological order of what the expeditions missions to come, present, and past. Also if you explore the timeline app further it shows the crews day’s schedule, like lunch, breakfast, and other  daily routines throught-out the day.

Like to Know More about the International Space Station.

Also like to know More about the  ISS LIVE App. Plus it’s Fee also!

Develop by NASA

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