Like a bit of Curiosity and Grail?


When I was browsing  through the Facebook feeds,  on the Apps store facebook page, I’ve stumble a pond on to this new Apple iphone and iPad app which based on AR (argument reality) and found it rather cute, reason been that you get to look at all sides of the two spacecraft one is Curiosity, and the other is Grail .  With one thing you’ll get the selection of the two hopefully with any given updated on the app will bring more AR items to it.

Firstly I’ve tried Curiosity, but before then I’ve  have to print out the Marker, by via Email or E-print, at then I decide to have the Marker Email, pretty much faster that way, due to that I’ve haven’t set up the printer to do E-print yet.  Later printing of the Marker page, I found Curiosity very much fun, than to Grail, due to that Curiosity has more animation components with the instrumentations arms reaching out with a menu to have the probe have the arm, mask, the High Gain Antenna, or just turn it around to every ninety degrees.  Same goes for Grail also but it has less functionality.

The NASA App is pretty much fun though, but it in be interesting given it have included other probes and mission vechicles such as the Space Shuttles, the rockets that lead up to the Saturn five programme Constellation,  and not forgetting the ISS ( International Space Station)  or SkyLab.

Like to know more of the Curiosity and Grail mission?

Developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA.

Also like to know on NASA-SPACECRAFT-3D App.

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