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When I open up a news feed from a DVICE this morning and notice an article of Jetman Yves Rossy, known as the Jetman, the first man to have a jet powered suit. Reading this mornings article he soars over the Grand Canyon in his wing suit while not waiting for FAA approval, because they couldn’t decide what class of flight vehicle to classified it as, also notice and other article from of the Martin Jet pack.

 One thing I did notice that if you are into extreme sports such as like the Red Bull Air Rally. This one day soon maybe a new extreme sports air sports, where instead of parachuting down, you rocket jet down in a mid flight navigating course to achieve it in a minimum amount of time then to parachuting down to safety. while drop of from a say a cargo carrier aircraft like the Boeing C17 Globemaster instead via helicopter.

Red Bull Air race

Using a Boeing C17 Globemaster to jump out with more people.

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