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Okay on every 29 December should be  Hug a Tribble day, Tribbles are notoriously cute, fuzzy, and make you say Awwwwww to the point of saying it again. Why on December the 29th?  Tribble first appear on Star Trek TOS | The Orignal Series.  They first appeared in the episode Trouble with Tribbles when Captain James T Kirk when to investigate a distress signal to a Deep space station K-7. After found that it was unwarranted of the distress. the undersecretary want to someone to guard a special type of grain. 

They were first introduce by a merchant trader, Cyrano Jones,  brought these fuzzy fur creatures on to the station, and sold it to Uhura, as a marketing ploy to get most of the Enterprise crew to purchase more of these fuzzy creatures.  The Crew like them, and found them a lot smoothing to ease their tension, stress.  but can pose a problem they can mass multiple when they consume a lot, in this case they’ve got into the grainy storage of  the K-7 station. Also they’re an asexual, they reproduce themselves. hence they can mass reproduce rapidly than rabbits.

One thing to note Tribbles are cool!  Cool to the point they’ve become mortal enemies of the Klingon Empire, because they’re so cute like any other furry fuzzy pet. The Klingon aren’t immune to Tribbles, they have an allergy to them.   They can become you stress reliving desk tools by patting it and they give out a smoothing purr to relax you.  but just not to feed them to much though.

So on 29th December grab your nearest pet Tribble and Hug it,  for Hug a Tribble day!

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