It’s Star Wars day! I can remember watching the three last episodes of Star Wars, they were Awesome the way how George Lucas and team trying to push the boundaries in special effects. In which they become the leading edge in special effects known now as LucasArts and ILM.

From what I gather after watching the series, it’s a long story of a family, whom are trying to rediscover, reunited through the entanglements through time of war, and the hard choices of the previous generation had to endure in making to separate the family of the Skywalker household, and through the times of war they reconnected. Reconnected has the family truths unpeeling through the story of Luke Skywalker has he learns the force of becoming a Jedi.

Having being into Sci fi it was either Star Trek and Star Wars, when the VHS came out I’ve watch a marathon of three episodes every single day ” New Hope”, “Empire Strikes Back”, and ” Return of the Jedi”. Thanks to the older format of having VHS | Video Home System, before they were digitally remastered.

Anyways! here’s a series of trailers that follow to the Return of the Jedi, as it’s counter the Revenge of the Sith.

The Phathom menace episode one

Attack of the clonesepisode two

Also in between The Clone wars– mini episodes

The Revenge of the Sith- episode three

Now for the conclusion…..

A New Hope episode four

Empire Strikes Back- episode five

Return of the Jedi episode six

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