Transformers – to date

I can remember the days of watching Transformers the animated series, when they first appear out from the crash escape giant yellow Ark like Cybertonian  starship, after it plighted to Earth , crash into a volcano, in some what in the Jurassic period.  Even to this moment the war between the Autobots and Decepticons still rage on till today. The differences in stories war are not the same in between the animated and the movie, both are different universes, pretty much with the reboot of the JJ Abrams movie of Star Trek.  Given a more writers freedom the Transformers movie takes on the essences of the animated series.

Transformers – The movie

This case the Decepticons are extended long search through time  for their frozen lost leader known as the dangerous Megatron, whom appeared as a gun, in the animated series, now this movie as a Cybertonian fighter aircraft, whom haven’t change form like it’s Air Combat Commander Starscream.  There search comes into play with play when also try to find the All Spark, a cube that contains the knowledge of creating more Cybertonian species and so much more. the search comes into when the Decepticons are trailing the search lead to Sam Witwicky which lead to the to long lost frozen leader Megaton. Sam gets caught up in a long battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

That battle also get planet Earth Caught up in as well historically on Earth’s time as Cybertron battled fatigue into on an energy crisis, and need to move of system to find new energy resources, too fuel to create more of the Cybertonian species.  Pretty Much like Earth existing today, if we don’t start developing and releasing other forms of energy generating devices, existing Earth could face the same faith as of Cybertron.

The third, the Battle rages onwards as the more of the visited past has haunted Earth before, and now the a keepsake secret hidden, has released it’s  many light years Cybertonian trench warfare to Earth.  

Transformers- the movie

Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen.

Transformers -Dark side of the Moon.

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