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Founded in 2015 located in Beijing ….天兵科技 – 北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology is an Aerospace propulsion system supplier and spacecraft provider One of Sixty Plus Chinese carrier Rocket companies in China, People’s Republic of China ……. Tianbing Technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle provider. Tianbing Technology independently develops the next-generation ambient temperature green HCP liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet cost-effective aerospace. Advance system supporting needs. The next-generation green HCP aerospace propulsion system, first tested by Tianbing Technology, can be used in the small-vehicle main power and launch vehicle upper-level propulsion system.

Tianbing Technology “Tianlong 2” liquid rocket plans to make its first flight in the first quarter of this year….. A few days ago, a real launch site was simulated on the outfield of Tianjin. , Successfully completed the whole system joint training of arrows and ground. The Modern Express reporter learned that the successful completion of the “Zhangjiagang” Tianlong-2 liquid carrier rocket rocket-ground system-wide joint training task marks that the first rocket of this rocket has met all the conditions for launch. It is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2023. Choose an opportunity to launch.

It is understood that the Tianlong-2 liquid launch vehicle is the first liquid oxygen kerosene launch vehicle of Tianbing Technology. The rocket is in a three-stage state. About 190.0t, the maximum flight axial overload factor is less than 6.0. Equipped with upper-stage rockets, it can realize multi-satellite deployment, and the separation of primary and secondary stages, separation of satellites and arrows, and separation of fairings are all cold separations..

Images and visuals are from their respectives also天兵科技北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology- Space Pioneer..

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