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On 21st May 2019, it’s the first time that the newly number two Airbus Beluga XL landing at Hamburg Germany, in which its fleet will increase from the first towards the number Six in which to accommodate more larger aircraft mainframes in development … In which the Airbus Beluga XL is a design heritage from it’s a smaller fleet of five version of the Beluga… as after its construction it under go to various vigorous flight verification programme in order to  be flight certify as the Number one began that certification on from 2018 July..  Its livery out like with a Whale in which is Name is Beluga is that French translation with that cute whale smile..


Image Credit Airbus – Photographer A Doumenjou- Master Films

It’s based mainframe chassis is the next generation of the Airbus 330-200 Beluga XL, in which in its current fleet there are five in service providing the essential components transportation to Airbus Toulouse in the final phase of assembly of Aircraft..  The current Beluga is based around the Airbus 300-200 series, in which heavily modified to accommodate the carrying various aircraft fuselage in sections to the assembling points….

The Beluga is a baseline inspirationally from the Boeing carrier aircraft the Super Guppy in which provided the transportation of aircraft fuselages to Airbus in its early days. As Aircraft sections grew in size a larger, powerful aircraft is need to transport the parts…  Currently the core components airframe of the aircraft has been structurally reinforced… In which was done in December 2016 the process will takes twelve months to modified to complete into the daughter of the Beluga in during that duration the airframe is constructed in Airbus  building L34…  then later the instalments of mechanical, engineering, electrical systems impendent.. Then it’ll be tested in 2018, certified then operations in 2019, to carry a whole set of Airbus 350 WXB Wings… As the current Beluga is based on the Shorter A300 jetliner, the Beluga XL is based form the longer version of A330-200 in which accommodate more space to carry…

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