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On the 21st February 2019, on an East Coast Thursday is the launch of the SpaceX Falcon nine Reusable Carrier Rocket, launching from the SLC 40- Space Launch Complex from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.. In which this launching is traditional landing on a Atlantic Ocean just been retrofitted Drone Ship “Of Course I love you” … in which the Falcon Nine Reusable was once previously used Iridium seven mission July 2018, previously SAOCOM 1A October 2018..

This launch is launching two payloads into orbit one heading towards the moon Luna… in which that Beresheet- Beginning- Lunar lander is SpaceIL Israel privately funded lunar Lander in which is the smallest lander yet to be deployed towards land on the moon after the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA- China National Space Administration Change4 Lunar Lander also Lunar Rover YuTu2 landed on the other side of the moon on the Von Karman Crater..  in which once deployed it’ll travel towards the moon under its own self powering unit for two months that it’ll make that journey in a scenic route.. in which will explore the moon surface with a scientific payload also a photographically payload in which it’ll photographically of its lunar environments….

Beresheet- Beginning- Lunar lander is SpaceIL Israel privately funded lunar Lander ….

The Secondary payload is a United States Airforce Research Laboratory know for short AFRL- is an experimental Small Spacecraft , in which is manufactured by Blue Canyon Technologies whom  design components for another DARPA ‘s R3D2  Satellite that’s going to be launch on another American Private space Carrier Rocket Company but launched base in New Zealand- Rocket Lab …. Which Blue Canyon Technologies with that satellite operational life of one year of demonstrating experimentally of small satellites service operations..

the Nusantara Satu Satellite -PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) – Indonesia

The Tertiary, is the Nusantara Satu Satellite in which is manufactured by SSL Space Systems Loral  in which is customised for the PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN)  one of many leading Asian telecommunications providers .. it’s the first Indonesia high data velocity satellite  that provides a high velocity of internet connectivity in which provisions as a Data and voice communications.. in which once operational place in a GEO-Geostationary Orbit , utilizing its provisionments for the Indonesia region..

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