#CNSA China National Space Administration | #BeltAndRoadinitiative – #ZhuhaiAirShow #AirShowChina Displaying revealing the Command Core module of the Tianhe Space Station…..

CNSA -China National Space Administration – Command Core Module – Tianhe Space Station shown on the Air Show China- in Zhuhai..

During the week of sixth of November 2018, in which only fifty five Kilometers away from Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, travelling from the Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai planet Earth’s longest sea bridge..  Is the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show, in which displaying on many genres of the Space, Defense, Aviation Industry…. In which is the third Space Station in which CNSA China National Space Administration and CAST –China Academy of Space Technology have been developing for the Belt and Road Initiative over the past few years in leading to replace its second generation Space Station Tiangong two.. in which “Term as Heavenly palace two..”

During the Zhuhai Air Show, or Air Show 2018, in which is the twelfth show running, CGTN’s television presenter Sun Ye look with various guest from the CNSA, CAST-China Academy of Science Technology, also CASC – China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation..    gave a tour of what’s to come with the next generation of Long March Carrier Rockets with the manned version of the Long March eight also the next generation of the Shenzhou module..

CNSA- Tainhe 1 core module.. in preparations for the 2019 launch calendar..

The seventeen meters in length..  New Command module component Station for in which was displayed for the Zhuhai Air Show, in which is the main Command Module Component Tianhe –termed Harmony of Heavens..  In which was test finally on 2017 year on finalizing the Assembly Integration and Testing center in Tianjin…  in which the Tainhe command station module is larger, also wider in diameter than the previous generations in which to accommodate more instrumentation…  also with an expanding crew from three towards six as each more modules are added..

CNSA – China National Space Administration final stage one look for the Belt and Road Initiative Space Station.. in collaboration with ESA- European Space Agency, ROSCOMMOS, UNOOSA- United Nations Office for Outer Space

Orthough the size of the CNSA Belt and Road Initiative – Tiangong three Space Station partnerships with ESA- European Space Agency, ROSCOMOS, UNOOSA- United Nations Office for Outer Space… each agency of its own is larger than NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration….   In which the CNSA-ESA Partnership as already began with the collaboration training of ESA Astronauts among with Chinese astronauts – Taikonauts during the 2017 Training year..

The Command Module Core of the Tianhe Space Station in which provide servicement towards operations, of control, management of the space station, in which be ready to launch from CNSA’s 2019 launch calendar… With stage one of all the module components completed assemble by the year 2022 at the most… within it two additional modules added conducting with experiments of space sciences, medical in various genres in which the enormous spin offs from the research benefiting humanity,    With the operational life cycle of a decade more with regular maintained repairing schedule…

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