#StarTrekOnline #AgeOfDiscovery |#StarTrekDiscovery – #MalachowskiClass #LightCrusier– your Starter Ship, the girl that taught everything like Miranda…

Star Trek Online Age Of Discovery Star Trek Discovery ……Malachowski Class Light Cruiser– your Starter Ship, your girl that taught everything like Miranda…


On 9th October 2018, on Star Trek Online it was the week that Age of Discovery- Star Trek Discovery that introduced in which there … Once there was a girl, a young lady named Miranda, which that class of ship was your first girl in the 24th century as you take command of that class during after graduation from Starfleet Academy.. Before then, there was another early that inspired Miranda that taught you everything, it was in the 22nd century Nicole Malachowski, Malachowski, that taught Miranda that you need to know about starships in which both are very similar alike…

The Malachowski class a 277.3 meter long vessel, its considered, she consider to be a light cruiser Starship, in which was featured in the Starfleet’s armada in “The battle of binary stars” that pretext into the Klingon war, in which was in service in the 22nd Century in which one class ended in servicement was the USS Clarke NCC 1661 in the year 2256 in the battle.. Designed by Hollywood iconic designers, John Eaves… In which the Malachowski, was drawn by inspiration from the first female Pilot for the United States Air force Nicole Malachowski, in which she was the first female pilot to fly with the Thunderbirds aerobatic fly team…

Malachowski Class is also was used in the Battle of the Binary Stars armada that pretext the Klingon war..

The Malachowski class is very small quick responsive manverourbilities vessel akiness, likeness to the other girl, Miranda… In which both starter command ships, besides the Tier six Miranda Reliant she’s a different story… Both share the same hulling rating at ten thousand, with two forwarding one rear weapons with, three basic bridge station seating’s, all three at Ensign rank in Tactical, Science also Engineering…  however it doesn’t  features cruisers commands with the main command array abilities Cruiser Command Array, Command – Strategic Maneuvering, Command – Shield Frequency Modulation Command – Weapon System Efficiency….

The design outlook is basically a saucer section integrated with an engineering hull, akin to the Miranda class.. With the forward defector dish hidden gently in view in most of the engineering decks hangs below the main saucer section… With the impulse engines concealed below along with the warp nacelles support … the best effective weapons Defense is one dual, beam arrays or cannon, torpedoes in the forwarding with one turret at the rear or with the same combination with beam arrays..

Tier: 1 Malachowski Class light cruiser Starship

Faction: Federation

Rank Required: Level Lieutenant

Hull Strength: 10000

Shield Modifier: 1

Fore Weapons: 23

Aft Weapons: 1

Device Slots: 2

Bridge Officer Stations: Ensign, Tactical, Science, Engineering

 Console Modifications: 1 Tactical, 1 Engineering, 1 Science

Base Turn Rate: 11

Impulse Modifier: .02

Inertia: 50

Can Equip Dual Cannons

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