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On 24th January 2018– on a clear winters morning east coast Wednesday, Space X have been completing towards a Falcon Heavy Static test firing in which was belated for a while due to all of NASA operations was shutdown in which due to the United States of America Government Shutdown due to fiscal negotiations in the senate between two parties.. As of that SpaceX with the Falcon Heavy on that Iconic Launch Complex 39A that lift off the iconic Saturn Five lunar rocket also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – The Space Shuttle Program… was just sitting there in its upright position as on SpaceX Part was just doing minor Checking operations in waiting for the NASA-KSC’s staff to return to work as they contribute towards a majority of SpaceX’s operation into testing and launch operations..

As the US Government Shutdown expired, SpaceX and NASA-KSC return to work to fully optimum operations in gearing up for the twenty seven powerful Merlin Engines for static test firing… as in tanking fueling up, warming up the systems before an actual launch in couple of weeks so in which the Launch format of the Falcon Heavy has gone back to the same Space Shuttle launch procedure as the two have the same flight launch profile……

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