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As you wonder around the MTR Hong Kong App there are certain specials also offers that offer certain specials, special deals within MTR Hong Kong Malls also affiliated partners once you sign up within the app also the Octopus card eco system..   One of the many services that the MTR Hong Kong Provides is the fast and effective way of getting towards the Hong Kong International Airport is from Central in which is from the IFC – International Finance Center in Central in where you can check in you flight as well to of your luggage as they’ll be transported towards your intend flight terminal at the Hong Kong international Airport..

In this case Jetso Hunter whom loves a smart deal, in which she can’t let any great deals slip away… Even though on such a good deal when she’s on her way towards the Airport Express stations… In which unsuspected deal comes along in a free shuttle bus, she curious in which what’s the catch.. ?  Well the catch is the services ride is free in which takes you along the routes to various Kowloon or Hong Kong stations in which to take you towards to the airport express in Central, located in the IFC building… in which you can check in the next bus arrives timing within on the MTR Hong Kong application under Airport express ….

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