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They say that the third time is a charm, in which the launching of ULA-United Launch Alliance launched the next generation weather Satellite in which is the JPSS-1 weather system satellite in which was specifically to launch on the 14th November 2017 in which was twice scrubbed in which the first scrubbed was due a red range and late launch alarm, in which on the 15 November 2017, in which scrubbed again due to weather range issues of high winds and range issues in which the third times a charm  18th November 2017  in the early hours of the in morning from Space Launch Complex-2 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California it launched successfully of the for NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration on the Delta two 7920-10 carrier rocket…. In which as ten solid rocket boosters with a two stage segment with primary with a RS-27A engine the secondary with an AJ10-118K engine…

…  The Client for the JPPS-1 is for NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration in which this is the first of four JPSS series weather satellites….. The JPPS-1 Payload will be deployed into a 822 Kilometer Near Circular Orbit in which will orbit around earth in a polar orbit, repeating from Pole to Pole also crossing the equator  fourteen times a day, covering all the data observationally gathering it needs on weather.. In which its provisions is Joint Polar Satellite System- JPSS-1 in which provisionment is to Data gathering on weather observation for extreme weathering and environmental prediction in forecasting and monitoring… In which its advancements in technological and scientific instrumentation provides in measuring global sea surface temperatures and humidity and tidal dynamics, also checks the health cycle of the Ozone layer also it’s concentration levels….it’s other packages is measurement of Earth’s solar reflection of sunlight and thermal radiation emission of Earth.. among the main payload of JPSS-1 is a series of CubeSats hitching a ride deployed after when the main payload has been deployed…. among that the cubeSats are design for how 3D printing will be affected in zero gravity or near gravity manufacturing process.. also as too of weather data collection, bit flip memory testing, radar calibration and the effects of space radiation on electronic components.

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