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As mention the Steamrunner class -The original Blockade Runner Escort was first featured in service in the Star Trek First Contact” as it was a few surviving ships in its class featured in a quickly assembled fleet in trying to defend, the Planet Earth among other Starships in struggling to destroy one single Borg Cube from entering the Earth’s protective shielding, as tries to assimilate Earth as tried on many unsuccessful times at sector 001..

What interesting to this is, The ship overall length is about 290 meters long just as long least than to the standard Constitution class StarShip, due to its size, it very compact, stealthy fast, agile and very tough.. as the release of the Steamrunner class- blockade runner escort in which was previous featured in the Star Trek online’s steam account launch when you sign up… in  recent developments of the release of the Steamrunner, have a more highly textured details applied to it than from the Steam engine offering

The Steamrunner however looking at the design wise of have taken many elements of the from the Akira class it’s more larger sisterly cousin , in which the Steamrunner has one saucer hull section connected under built two warp nacelles integrated together among with the smaller engineering hull with the deflector dish housing unit..  The Steamrunner at its best serves as a carrier escort given its internal area has room for fighters akin to the larger advance carrier escorts with hangers to accommodate in of various fighters in sizes….  Tactical wise it’s basically a cannon, torpedo turret ship in nature in which its small size will give you that advantage…

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