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On 7th of March 2017, straight from “ESA-European Space Agency” Space port in French Guiana, is the launch of the Sentinel-2B satellite, from a sleek white bridesmaids pencil dress launcher Rocket, in which is known to be the Vega Rocket Launcher... in which is one construction of the rocket is innovatively manufactured out of Carbon fiber  VV09- The Vega Rocket was launched from that Kourou launch complex at 0149 GMT- Greenwich Mean Time…. In with a local time 22:46 hour night time launch… the launch went without any issues…

For more of the replay of the ESA – European Space Agency- Vega Rocket -Sentinel2B launch from the Kourou launch complex. is located here..  

The Payload is a weather environmental science satellite, in which its twin sister Sentinel-2A…. in which has been launch previously on 2015 June, Joining her sister, Sentinel-2B, orbiting in the same orbit, but 180 degrees apart….. Sentinel-2B, orthough is an environmental reconnaissance satellite, its design is quite innovatively consistently with extremely high resolution multi spectra thirteen imaging systems that’s design, equip to study, data Analysis for agricultural, forestry, also for food security.. Apart from that based design, one other aspect is the weather data reconnaissance to analyse for pollution, coastal, volcanic monitoring, landslides also it’s a tool to assist in humanitarian assistant in calculating relief aid…

Sentinel-2B is the second among her sister there are however four more the first two in orbit of 290 kilometers above Earth Attitude…

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