Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


There’s a challenge that’s undergoing – on its way, it’s call the “Andromeda Initiative” in partnership with the “Bioware’s-Mass Effect Andromeda” also among with the “ESA-European Space Agency” in where six selected people in teams of two whom are Gamer Content creators.. Who will participate in an almost real world space working environment, in where they will board the Ark Hyperion…

The mission specifications will draw in their experiences, their skillsets in so many levels also abilities.. Also unknown ones as they adventure throughout the training sessions at the European Space Agency Astronaut Center in Cologne in Germany… as they gather experiences first hand in what life would be like for the Ryder’s whom are the two main characters in the Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative in exploration of new home world in another galaxy six billion light years ago least from the Home galaxy the…. The team will undergoes a three day intensive training through the same training like how the Astronauts do…

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