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It’s the year of the Rooster on as Chinese Lunar new year turned from the year of the Monkey on 28th January 2017, as there was many festivals going around in various parts of Hong Kong, as one alongside all the way up Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, also on the 29th January 2017 a least than twenty five minutes of celebrated fireworks in Victoria Harbour.. In which leading towards that event “Hong Kong International Airport” situated on Lantau Island held many festivals in leading up towards the Chinese New Year.. In which It was decorated gorgeously with cherry blossoms.. Among with lion and Dragon Dances in between the various terminals of one and two, the third is under current construction as the celebrations continues with traditional festiveness with giving out red packets.. Also art and crafts such as Traditional Handcraft booths, making Paper cutting, Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, grasshopper weaving…  From local artisans from Hong Kong showing their craft work…  Also the traditional food crafting with also a mixture of traditional Chinese dancing with modernism dancing  like you’ll in the local Hong Kong neighborhoods, with some interesting gifting to inbound passengers..

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