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Highlights from the 18th December 2016, From “ULA-United Launch Alliance” Space Launch Complex-SLC-41 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, awaits a two hour window in which opens up on 1327 East Standard Time, is the Launch of EchoStar XIX Mission, the client is Hughes, if you know the name, yes you guess it was formerly Howard Hughes Company the inspiration for Tony Stark and his Father…. Also as you look more closely on the Space Launch Complex 41, it’s already bound to be modified with a recently installed crew cat walk for a manned vehicle in which is bound to be launching Boeing’s Star Liner DST-100 in which is a part of the CRW- Commercial Crew Development Program, in which its partners are Boeing also Bigleow Aerospace..

EchoStar XIX is a partaking on HughesNet extreme High Capacity Broadband Satellite Network Systems… in providing ultra-extreme high velocity satellite internet servicing towards homes, and business in North America… with a multi layering spot beam based on a Ka Band SSL 1300 platform….in which is launched on Lockheed Martin Atlas v Rocket, on at Atlas V-4.31 Configuration… in which the first stage booster is Atlas five with RD180 Engine with three Solid Rocket Booster-SRB as the secondary stage is Centaur Rocket…….live-stream of the Launch will start on 1307 Eastern Standard time with clear blue skies for launch..

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