“We have Hope- Rebellions are built on Hope…! “-Jyn Erso- Daisy Ridley

 “ … Welcome to Rogue One… “ 

As the building up towards only least a month away on 16th December 2016 “Star Wars Rogue One- A Star Wars Story” to Jyn Eros’s story on her quest to find her father, also finding, assembling  a team on inspiring them on Hope, in preparations for the inspirationally next story of “A New Hope’ in featuring Princess Leia in obtaining the Death Star Plans, in forwarding towards the rebellion in sequences towards the story follows the inclusive stories of Luke Skywalker, Obi One Kenobi, Han Solo..

In the Hope- TV Spot we see more of the Rogue one story line slowly brought outwards in where Jyn inspires her newly form team, in capturing the Death Star plans, that means also rediscovering her Father in seeming the chief designer of the Death Star, last seen abandoned in her early teenage years, along with her mother as well whom gives her a crystal seemingly that’s been used in the construction of the Lightsabre in which poses questions that is Jyn Erso is force sensitive, that she may have possess the Jedi skillsets like her mother.. ? In which, we’ll see the first test firing of the Death Star’s true potential……..

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