#STARWARS – KO HOSHINO | An Awesome star wars fan film featuring @AnnaAkana – a Jedi’s star wars story………

Featuring Anna AKana Comic, Actress, Writer, as a she plays a story that spanned decades on a Jedi’s Master KO Hoshino story on how she became what she is now today… In becoming one of the greatest Jedi’s how in that very specific scene in where she starts using the full knowledge of force, in assembling her new lightsabre in prior to an interrupted by gate crashing Sith lords, as she assembles her new lightsabre she recounts the struggles, the personal struggles of learning her craft, in becoming a Jedi from a Padawan also one of the most important lessons of all is patience in getting her lightsabre also mastery knowledge of the force as her Master teaches her.. as her full mastery of  force as she becomes blind in a one rest full night where she temporary borrow her ( Master Jaan-Xu- Tim Mckernan) Master’s lightsabre impatience’s in the cave that she wondered to unskilled in fighting in darkness where was one lesson learn where a whole flock of Mynocks flock towards her, then that lightsabre mishap happened..

Ko Hoshino storyline is awesome also inspiring, aspiring, strong, its grounded brilliantly written as you can see the general story outline of the journeys summing up in one moment of that when Master Hoshino’s recounts her learnings in the same moment of assembling her lightsabre. The visual also its effect direction is great with visual effects like it’s been cimematically quality produced out from Lucas Films and ILM  …… Directed, Produce, also Editor Stephen Vitale, with VFX supervisor John Schick with the sound score performed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra..

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