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Coming soon on “Star Trek online” on the 25th October 2016,  a new fleet holdings is coming under its way in which your fleet will have to manage, savage, restore  of what’s left of Starbase K-13 and make it your way wood home away from your traditional Starbase…. As your Fleet starts to exploration of restoration of K-13, in which was lost towards a conculsionally episode of Painful Omens in which the storyline of Starbase K-13 was lost due towards a Temporal Anomaly…

As your Fleet starts to restore the Starbase, there are some hidden holdings that you and your fleet will acquire with some interesting theme in The Original Series with various retrofitted and exotic technologies along the way.. As you restore the Starbase, you’ll met the previous crew whom in there stasis pods still, as explained the conclusion of Painful Omens where the crew  of Starbase K-13 are put in Stasis pods, in one day someone will find them eventually.. Once awaken they’ll become a part of your fleet’s bridge or duty officers within your fleet..

As to other features, in the K-13 Starbase, as your fleet holdings advances with the leveling of retrofitting it’s interior also its exterior look, also the uses of the of once advancing to use the inter fleet wide shuttles for an ready accessibility……

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