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“…………Look they’re piloting their AT-AT remotely..!”  – Jyn Erso

As you’ve seen the last Chapter, Chapter two where the rebel crew of the rebellion have informally introduce themselves to finding the Death Star Mark one plans of the well still the box Lego “Star Wars” without a single clue of which part goes where in the frustrated imperial meanwhile trying random build that death that’s no moon monstrosity…….  In where the Rebellion was chased by the imperial Stormtroopers in a Indiana Jones, or Tomb raider Lara Croft Trench run in pursue for the part one of the Death star’s building instruction at Jedha’s township farmers market, as they escape with the box saying building instructions only saying part one of two… following to finding Parts two of two they find themselves in the finding the part two instructions in a crashed imperial shuttle on planet Eadu..  However there’s one thing that that the crash site is surrounded by Stormtroopers, with one remote control AT-AT Walker… In which one part of the rebellion group have secure that remote, while the other goes in for the part two building instructions..  However in the process the part rebellion group gets surrounded by imperial troops Captain Cassian Andor – K-250 (Kay Tuesso), taken away to the Star Destroyer with the find of the part one of two building instructions… With one thing has Director Orson Krennc changed his hair, or he’s been losing weight lately…?

LucasFilms is running a contest currently at the moment starts off in 30th September 2016 in which you and your friends whom win will go into attention of “A Star Wars Story- Rogue one” also a tour towards LucasFilms in San Francisco in which will be screen on the cinematic large screen… Of your team two minute rouge one premise video.. Also the visit of Rancho Obi-Wan…

In this this two minute clip features most of the new installments of merchandising form the film from Lego to Hasbro collaborated with a creative team Tongal and fans featuring the new merchandising …. The contest runs through till 21 October 2016. For more about the contest here..

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