NASA GODDARD #OSIRIS-Rex | The Journey begins #ToBennuAndBack … to Earth in 2023…..

During today on 8th September 2016 on the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, Northern Hemisphere Eastern Date Time.. “NASA- OSIRIS-Rex | Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security – Regolith Explorer,” is launched from  Space Launch complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force base on in-between 1905 to 2100 EDT.. Webcast began on 1630 EDT…. The mission is launch on a “United Launch Alliance Atlas Five 411″ Configuration rocket with an interesting unusual rocket configuration of having one SRB- Solid Rocket Booster on one side… with going against tradition of having dual SRB’s on for a more balance launch..  As the secondary Centaur Stage provides the remaining provider transportation assist towards Bennu……Orthough this flight is a celebration flight to the Anniversary to Star Trek, it’s also a Memorial flight to one of its mission founding members in remembrance of Michael J. Drake……

The Launch of OSIRIS-Rex, will be adventuring out towards a NRA- Near Earth Asteroid in venturing prospecting vital information on what mineral deposits on Asteroid Bennu contains… also its investigation one key part on many is on origins of the solar system, how water and organic matter of various sorts would impact on Earth in the fundamental understandings.. Of researching mining Bennu drawing a composite sample back on 2018 once collected various samples then heading back to earth like the same mission specifications like the Stardust sample retrieval program.. in which gives an commercial understandings of how to start Asteroid Mining with the newly onset mining companies like “Deep Space Industries”   to start building installations from the ground up on mining Asteroids …also this will provide a key sample extracted on a larger scale extraction than the Apollo’s Luna mineral extraction sample  on Earth Moon back in the 1970’s…… once the extraction of the sample it’ll makes its way back to earth where it makes reentry collection point in the Utah Desert for the year 2023 from where it will be analysis of what the samples contains also one other mission specifications is finding clues to the formation of the Sol-Solar System evolutionary process over the 4.5 billion years period and how it would be possible to adaptive to other exo-planetary systems when studying its formation as well too..


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