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Produced by “Square Enix” the Makers, producers of the Final Fantasy series also the life story adventures of Lightning-Claire Farron in the Final Fantasy 13 trilogies, along with “Sony’s Stage 6” brings you the movie KINGSGLAVIE- Final Fantasy XV… it’s a story between two empires one hold magic, one holds the machines.. Is about an age old war between Lucis- a magical kingdom home to a scared Crystal, also dangerous war machine empire Niflheim whom is set on absorbing the kingdom Lucis, as the war wages over time over the peaceful magical kingdom, the war takes its toll on its people, but it does not on the hope, courage some of the people of Lucis.. but it does slowly takes on the Lucis King, King Regis- voice by Game of thrones Warden of the North- WinterFell- Ned Stark- Actor Sean Bean…. Also another Games of Thrones actress Lena Headey whom plays Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae whom is set to marry to Prince Noctis, King Regis…..

As the tired King Regis founds out the plot in sieging, unknowingly concedes his Kingdom… he seeks, sends his Elite platoon of soldiers The KINGSGLAIVE wielding with the Kings Magic Nyx-plays by Aaron Paul.. he and his platoon is send onwards at all cost to belay, demolish the empire of Niflheim is……Available On Digital August 30th. On Blu-ray October 4th

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