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As the 2016 Farnborough Airshow is shown with the massive displays of what the Aviation, airliner carriers, defense and space industry has to offer to the general trade and  public… during the two different types of convention.. Between trades 11-15 July 2016 then it’s the Public Show 16- 17 July 2016… During that times two majority manufactures was there Airbus and Boeing..  Notability 2016 is the year of centennial anniversary of Boeing…

During Airbus time in show casing its flagship aircraft the Airbus 380-800 series.. it’ll be interesting to see the 900, 1000 series version of the aircraft as it was built on the same design heritage like it’s Airbus 340’s series with extended fuselages as the wing span is already design for those lengths.. in One of the Airbus 380-800 series demonstration flights numerous social media applications was used in giving the viewers of what the in flight experience was like.. One social media application was in used to give views a 360 degrees video view of the surroundings of the takeoff as the three Airbus’s test pilots put the A380-800 to the test of demonstrating of what the aircraft is capable of internally of using a 360 degrees video in which is done with mobile devices, like with gyroscope equipped smart phones….   As the test pilots take the A380-800 on traditional standard takeoff then performing some of do not try this at home maneuvers…

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