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As you seen in the previous episodes in “Star Trek Online” A New Dawn- Temporal Front in various episode in which involves the reprisal of several characters from Star Trek Voyager in the developing episodes that leads up towards the Temporal cold war in which was explained in when NX 01 Enterprise starting to explore the Galaxy in which the very important note was the very beginning formation of the United federation of Planets.. in which the Temporal cold war has become effect since the 31st century  where Daniels a Temporal Agent where he sort out the other agents whom trying to change up history from the future..

In this developing major story line Agents of Yesterday from A New Dawn, where you get recruited in becoming that Temporal Agent where like Daniels mediates you through various operations to restore history.. as the war between the Krenim and the Na’Kuhl forces tries to alter history on a much large scale than the Iconian war that happen a few years back.. As the Major Expansion comes along of the third expanding story line with five new ships from The Original series with new gear and equipment also with all new Temporal Ships.. on a much larger scale than the Star-Odyssey class that’s in operation today…  also the cross over into the alternative time of where JJ Abrams Alternative universe meets as you seen in the Agents of yesterday..

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