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As  the new  “Star Trek”  televised series builds up for the screen year of 2017, in which was reveal on 18th May 2016 in New York at Carnegie Hall, in a presentation of CBS Upfront in revealing new content.. This happens to be one of many..  The new series is highly anticipated in which is shown on CBS all access.. On January 2017…..

The new teaser trailer, only gives us slight insight of what how it feels about the new series.. as it’s heavy emphasis on the from the foundations and the founding home of the United Federation of Planets, Earth in the Sol System.. as the intro takes place it seems a new ship, a new crew adventure from its traditional maiden flight has we see on Star Trek –Generations of USS Enterprise B –Excelsior Retrofit interrupted flight just traveling on a round trip to the Planet Pluto and back to dry-dock, Until that unfortunate distress call in resulting Captain James T. Kirk’s final story…. Seeming this crew went off to adventure boldly into unknown..

Also the Teaser has an in-between feel emotionally of the original to the Next Generation, Voyager series intro also with that it has a lot of adventuring elements from “Star Trek Online” if you explore the worlds in-game you’ll see how this feels spatially…. With an edgy Star Trek logo font… with an aged Starfleet Enterprise NASA Delta in which… this series is seemingly feels set in the time of the Enterprise B was around or after. On-board on the writing and creative team whom are Star Trek Veteran writer Brian Fuller and Nicholas Meyer also the son of the Late Gene Roddenberry as he takes his father’s place as Executive Producer for the series….

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