GAME OF THRONES | Season six- behind the scenes visual effects…


As” Game of thrones” set to screen on 24th April 2016,  in concluding from the last season where the White Walkers are now a major threat to the humans, as their numbers grow in strength as both continents Westeros,  Essos with all the seven Kingdoms its existence is threaten..

As much of the elaborate, intense story telling from the written words, to screen… Sets are used built physically organically.. Then other visual effects is add with various techniques with various layers added portraying that scene inorganically in getting the scope of intense storytelling that they’re in bringing the imagination out..  in course of  the production Game of Thrones.. there was one Visual effects production unit, now there’s two due to the increase of scenes graphically need to be done from eight hundred to two thousand increase more demand of scope of the Westeros and Essos world..

In various scenes, several methods were used to bring out that scene where Daenerys escape from the crowds whom attack her, in one method they using a crane with both attachments of a camera also a flame thrower to simulate that Daenerys Dragon is rescuing her also various techniques was used with Computer Generated graphics in order to flesh out that scene in providing that story…..

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