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“… This is a rebellion isn’t it .. ? ……….. I rebel…!” Jin- Felicity jones

This year December 2016, A new Rogue would take her place in be one of the rebellion resistance becomes a legend.. As one person in question becomes the lead, Jin- Felicity jones… Who becomes alike the same life story process like Admiral Adama in the reboot of Battlestar Galatica…

The story “ Rouge one” goes before The New Hope, that there’s a new dangerous weapon that the Imperial forces is building, ever since the incident on Revenge of the Sith, where the concept designs of the Death Star is required by Anakin Skywalker whom is now known to be Darth Vader.. One of the leaders of the rebellion is Mon Mothma, recruits Jin a criminal whom attitude is like Starbuck in also others in order to collect and obtain the plans of the Death Star and it’s complete weak points to destroy it that’s in construction to another agent known as princess Leia… whom transfer to her astrometric droid R2D2 over that desert planet Tatooine in the outer rims, where the story in part began..

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