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In a local innovative noodle bar restaurant in Shanghai, in People Republic of China, in taking the next step in cooking innovatively with two robots, cooking various Ramen noodles… The two Noddle making robots named Koya and Kona resides in Daming road located in the Hongkou district..

The two noddle making robots, makes an order in ninety seconds… With the traditional ingredients of a Ramen dish such as the boiled eggs, meat, veggies and herbs and spices that garnishes the soup and noodles also the robots gets to clean after themselves in washing dishes..

The noddle making robots, cost in accordingly to “Shanghai Daily” at 154,000 USD manufactured in Japan given it’s trend in Japan the owner of the restaurant  Liu Jin said it’s the novelty that will pay it back.. At a least nine USD per bowl in which is a very modest cost for a very healthy meal also this beats instant noodles..

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